We are the California Keikokai, an extension of the
Meifu Shinkage Ryu dojo from Japan.  Our training
focuses on Shuriken-jutsu, as used by the Samurai
and Ninja of ancient Japan. Students of other martial
arts, as well as people with no previous martial arts
training, are welcome to join and train with us.

Chikatoshi Someya sensei
Founder of Meifu-Shinkage ryu.
  Establishment of the Meifu-Shinkage Ryu

Dr. Chikatoshi Someya was a lifetime member of Katori Shinto ryu in Japan.
He became very adept with the Shuriken-jutsu of Katori Shinto ryu, and made
many improvements on it.  He took his learnings and started the
Meifu-Shinkage ryu in the 1970's.  Someya sensei was also a shuriken
researcher, and studied many different styles of shuriken. He carefully studied
the flight characteristics of different sizes, and discovered what worked the
best.  Since this was new knowledge, he started his own school to explore it.
In June 1999, Someya sensei passed away, and the Sokeship of the MSR was
passed on to Yasuyuki Otsuka sensei, who had been training under Someya
sensei since 1985.  Otsuka sensei holds regular classes at his dojo in Japan,
and has recently visited the United States to bring Shuriken-jutsu here.
In July 2010, the California Keikokai was established.  This is the first
(and at the moment only) regular training dojo for Meifu-Shinkage ryu shuriken
jutsu in the United States.

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